Preserving Green Spaces and Waterways in Atlanta

1 day ago
Paving paradise to put up parking lots, roads and houses to keep up with the growing population in metro Atlanta (now over five million) has compromised the city’s green spaces and waterways over the past several decades.Keeping up with urban development’s impact on water quality has led to massive investments in stormwater management infrastructure leaving the city’s residents with some of the highest rates for municipal water and sewer in the nation.

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Cities for Families: Local Government

4 days 23 hours ago
Toronto Debunks Myth that Families Won’t Live in CondosThere are many reasons to believe that families won’t live in condos - they are too small and located in dangerous downtown centers ridden with crime, traffic and a lack of amenities. Families need the safe protective blanket of a big house in cozy, quiet suburb. 

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This City Life

Engineering Public Health: Smart Buildings to Promote Wellness

1 week ago
In addition to being a technology writer, I happen to be a fitness instructor, certified by the American Council on Exercise since 2000. I keep up with the latest fitness research out of necessity to maintain my certification, but also because it interests me. The fact that a sedentary lifestyle, like smoking, is profoundly damaging to our health is becoming well known. But can smart buildings help? 

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4 Reasons to #OptOutside and be Thankful for Parks

1 week 6 days ago
Parks are where people gather on weekends to relax, exercise, play, and connect with their community. They are where children first experience nature. But beyond their role in recreation and social well-being, city parks also help grow local economies, create new transportation options, combat crime, and reduce environmental impacts such as storm water runoff.

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City Parks Blog

Great Green Landscaping Practices to Promote Sustainability

2 weeks ago
Green landscaping isn’t just about choosing the plants, flowers, and shrubbery that are the most aesthetically pleasing. This type of gardening methodology looks at the synergistic relationship of choosing the right plants, your water use and the reduction of resources needed to maintain your lawn. In essence, you are a creating your own ecosystem that is rich in the biodiversity of your location.

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Megan Ray Nichols

Regulatory Drivers of Green Infrastructure

2 weeks 3 days ago
Why do we have green infrastructure? Is it simply a better way to manage stormwater in our cities – or are do regulatory drivers relating to stormwater discharges encourage its use? What are the impacts of our federal regulatory structure on market demands?All of these questions are related.

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2 hours 52 minutes ago
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