An Introduction to Placemaking

12 hours 56 minutes ago
Public space is more than just a pleasant amenity in our towns and cities, it is an important connection between our homes, businesses, institutions, and the rest of the world. It’s where we bump into each other and wave hello. It’s also where nearly half of violent crimes happen (Bureau of Justice Statistics), where people run into law enforcement, where we protest and demonstrate. Public space is for announcing our outrage and expressing out highest aspirations, while simultaneously encompassing the most banal (and essential) utilities and infrastructure.

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Key Concepts for Tree-Friendly Design

1 week 2 days ago
As a consulting arborist, I am often called upon to diagnose and help “sick” trees in a landscape. The primary cause of health problems for many of the trees I look at are related to impacts from a landscape renovation or home remodel. Despite best intentions, many bad things can happen to trees during development or landscaping.Here are some of the most common negative impacts I see:

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2 hours 17 minutes ago
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