Angelina Jolie Called The UN Security Council To Expedite The Ceasefire in Yemen

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Angelina Jolie has recently called on the UN Security Council to ask them to expedite the ceasefire in Yemen and reach a settlement of the conflict. The Special Envoy of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) issued a statement distributed by the international organization in Geneva.

The actress said the Council should work with Middle East's countries to reach a negotiated end to the conflict and address international laws on the protection of civilians. Jolie also called for a deeper understanding of refugee protection laws and for every country to play an active role in alleviating the human suffering in Yemen. She is currently in South Korea, where several hundred Yemenis that fled the conflict are being hosted.

“The international community has been shamefully slow in working to end the crisis in Yemen. The world has seen the situation deteriorating in Yemen to a point that this country is now on the verge of a human-made famine, and is facing the worst cholera epidemic in the world in decades. When the conflict develops at this level, many people would have no choice but to flee,” Jolie said.

The only way to help these people return home and reduce the total number of refugees worldwide is to end the conflicts themselves, she noted. The UN Envoy hopes that there'll be a greater understanding of the human reality that causes people to flee. The only way to help these people return home and reduce the total number of refugees worldwide is to end the conflicts themselves, she noted. The UN Envoy hopes that there'll be a greater understanding of the human reality that causes people to flee.

Jolie said that without a global response based on law and collective responsibility, there'd be a greater risk of long-term instability and insecurity. The actress warned that this could have a negative impact on every country.

The UNHCR also pointed out that its famous Envoy’s visit to South Korea was part of her role with the organization, which calls for essential support for refugees around the world. It also follows the recent visit of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, to the Asian country.

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A Woman Will Learn How To Be Happy Without You In Her Life When You Ignore Her

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According to the ‘hard to get’ myth, the more someone seems distant and uninterested in us, the more obsessed we are with them. But as I said, this is a myth.

A lot of men still falsely believe that acting like they don’t care about their woman would get them the results they want. That by ignoring her, they would get her to chase them instead. Some men even believe that if they mistreat their woman, she'll offer them even more love and attention.

Many men forget that these manipulative techniques can only work with inexperienced girls, and never with grown-up women!

A grown-up woman knows what she wants. She's a fulfilled woman who doesn’t have time to play games. If you're ready to be real with her, to love her and treat her the right way, she'll do the same for you. On the other hand, if she sees that you aren't honest, that you are playing games and you are not serious about her, she'll walk away from you without turning back.

Because she knows that when you love somebody, you can’t just ignore them. When you love somebody, you can’t withhold your love and affection because it is so counterproductive. A real woman likes to be loved and showered with attention all the time. She wants to be sure that you'll have her back and that she can always count on you. If you aren't giving her what she needs, she will leave you. Simple as that.

Many men also believe that in a relationship best is not to reveal their real feelings to their partner. They tend to forget that the basis of every successful relationship is honesty. Real women value honesty more than anything. They know that they can never have real intimacy with a dishonest partner.

So, men, if you genuinely want to have a woman by your side, then when you are with her, focus only on her. Be loving, caring, and attentive. And always treat her with respect.

Only by treating a woman right, she could fall in love with you and reward you with love and affection. This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship based on trust, respect, and honesty.

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NASA Shares Incredible Photos Of Crashed 'Flying Saucer'

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A "flying saucer" had crash-landed in a Utah desert 14 years ago and NASA is now sharing photos for the first time.

The "flying saucer" is not really an alien spaceship though — it's the remnants of the robot spaceship Genesis which was designed to study the Sun and launched in 2001.

"The year was 2004, and no space aliens were involved," NASA wrote on its website. "The saucer, pictured here, was the Genesis sample return capsule, part of a human-made robot Genesis spaceship launched in 2001 by NASA itself to study the Sun."

The space agency noted that Genesis was "being tracked by radar and chased by helicopters." However, since its parachute did not open as planned, it took an "unexpectedly hard landing," hitting the ground at over 300 kilometers per hour (186 mph).


Despite the hard landing, NASA said Genesis was able to capture solar wind particles that would otherwise be deflected by the planet's magnetic field. The particles were in good enough condition to be analyzed, according to the space agency.

Already, NASA has learned new "new details about the composition of the Sun and how the abundance of some types of elements differ across the Solar System," thanks to the spacecraft.

"These results have provided intriguing clues into details of how the Sun and planets formed billions of years ago," NASA added.

So, it's true; a "flying saucer" crashed-landed on Earth and there's photographic evidence of it — it just isn't what you'd think.

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This Is The Smallest Republic In The World, With An Army Of Ten People And Inspiration From Greek Philosopher Aristotle

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Frauke Scholz via Getty Images

Situated within the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, Užupis is one of the world's smallest republics, covering less than one sq km. Don't be fooled by its size, however, as it boasts its own government, president, constitution and currency, and it has even a navy consisting of three or four small boats (used mainly for ceremonial purposes). It also had an army of around ten men until recently, but given the republic’s peace-loving attitude, it's been retired.

Užupis combines Soviet Bloc architecture and artistic flair. After the fall of the USSR in the early 90s, several plinths which had held statues of Soviet icons were standing empty across Vilnius. In 1995, a team of local artists used one of them to erect a statue of American rock icon Frank Zappa (although he had never been there) as a call to democracy and a symbol of freedom. On 1 April 1997, they decided to go one step further, declaring their neighborhood of Užupis independent from the rest of Lithuania. Even though foreign governments do not recognize Užupis as an official nation, the micro-nation has now become a source of pride in Vilnius and throughout the country.

Užupis, meaning ‘beyond the river’ in Lithuanian, is divided from the rest of the city by the Vilnele River. It celebrates its independence annually on 1 April, known locally as Užupis Day. On this day, travelers can get their passports stamped while they cross the bridge into the republic, use the local currency and treat themselves to the beer which flows from the main square's water spout.

What essentially started as a tongue-in-cheek April Fools’ Day joke for a small group of creatives ended up being a serious endeavor. The Republic of Užupis now has a constitution which has been translated into various languages.

The republic’s flag sports what is known as the ‘Holy Hand’: it's a blue hand with a hole in the middle, which is what makes it unable to accept bribes.

During the mid-20th Century when the region used to be under Soviet rule, the district was derelict; a dangerous part of the town for the brave or the foolish. One among the neighborhood’s primary thoroughfares, Užupis Street, was once nicknamed ‘the Street of Death,’ not only due to the high crime rate but also in recognition of the neighborhood’s Jewish population, that was decimated during the Holocaust. Today, though, the winding cobbled streets feature eccentric art installations as well as a renewed sense of life.

With the Republic's secured independence in 1997, a constitution soon followed. Užupis’ Foreign Minister Tomas Čepaitis and Užupis President Romas Lileikis penned the creed in only three hours one summer afternoon in 1998.

As with most things in Užupis, its government structure is a somewhat relaxed affair, as their parliament house also functions as the local cafe-cum-pub. A group of approximately a dozen ministers oversees the running of the micro-nation. However, for those who want to get involved in Užupis’ politics, being an active member of the local community is vital.

As unusual as it sounds, it's a system that works and has done for the past 21 years. Its president has held his position for that entire time, as have many of his ministers. The group meets most Mondays. Together they make political waves, working to build ties with other countries, albeit unofficially.

Birute via Getty Images

Nicole Silvestri via Getty Images

AFP Relax

Petras Malukas via Getty Images

According to BBC, Užupis' Republic has had piqued tourists’ interest since its inception back in 1997. The unintended consequence is that it has experienced some gentrification and development, which has prompted a spike in property prices.

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A 'Secret' 14-Year-Long Oil Leak Might Become One Of The Worst Offshore Disasters In US History

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The BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill back in 2010 has become the defining picture of the environmental perils associated with offshore oil drilling. But, away from the TV cameras and public outrage, a less-known oil spill is occurring on at this very moment, and it has the potential to even become one among the worst in US history.

The "Taylor leak" began hemorrhaging oil into the Gulf Of Mexico about 16 km (10 miles) off the coast of Louisiana back in 2004, after Hurricane Ivan had caused a massive submarine landslide. 14 years on, with only nine of the 25 leaking wells plugged, it is still spewing 10s of thousands of gallons of oil into the Gulf each day.

The quantities of oil are a matter of contention and secrecy, though most estimates suggest it'll become one of the worst offshore disasters in US history, according to The Washington Post.

A significant investigation by the Associated Press (AP) in 2015 found that the oil leak was far worse – over 20 times worse regarding oil quantity – than Taylor Energy had initially reported. According to a recent AP report, a court filing submitted by Federal government lawyers suggest between 37,000 to 113,000 liters (8,140 to 24,860 gallons) of oil is leaking every day from various wells around a drilling platform. The federal lawyers cite a report by a scientist who studied satellite photos of the area and sampled oil at the site.

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill let 134 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico over 87 days. NOAA scientists concluded that Deepwater Horizon killed thousands of marine mammals and sea turtles, in addition to contaminating their habitats.

Notably, the public only discovered about the leak in 2010 when people who investigated the Deepwater Horizon oil spill noticed an odd oil spill in satellite photos of the area. They downplayed the spill’s scale and claimed that pictures of the leak were misleading, even after it came to light.

Taylor Energy is now defunct. Four years after the company’s founder died back in 2004, the company agreed to sell off all its energy assets to Samsung C&T Corporations and Korea National Oil Corporation. A $666 million trust was set up to pay for leak response work; but, there's now a legal dispute over the remaining $423 million, that's been left unspent.

Meanwhile, the oil continues to flow.

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Astronomers Say That Moons Might Have Their Own Moons And 'Moonmoons' Would Make A Great Name For Them!

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Many planets, including Earth, are orbited by one or more moons. However, what if those rock and ice celestial bodies were themselves surrounded by smaller objects? And, if such things exist, what are they called?

Astronomers Juna Kollmeier from the Carnegie Institution of Washington as well as Sean Raymond from the University of Bordeaux say that yes, perhaps such objects exist and there some ideas on how to call them: from the scientific-sounding "submoon" to the much more fascinating "moonmoon," but more on that later.

In their analysis published in the pre-print database arXiv, Kollmeier and Raymond calculate the Goldilocks conditions which would allow a submoon to stably orbit its moon without being thrown off course or sheared into pieces by the gravitational pull from the moon’s planet.

After making several assumptions about the densities of moons and submoons based on what we know about the players in our Solar System, the authors conclude that only large moons – those with a radius of 1,000 km (621 miles) or larger. They wrote that:

“Tidal [energy flux] destabilizes the orbits of submoons around moons that are small or too close to their host planet; this is the case for most of the Solar System's moons.”

“A handful of known moons are, however, capable of hosting long-lived submoons: Saturn's moons Titan and Iapetus, Jupiter's moon Callisto, and Earth's Moon.”

They added that the newly discovered moon orbiting the exoplanet Kepler-1625b (a gas giant about six to twelve times the size of Earth, orbiting a Sun-like star located about 8,000 light-years away) might be able to host a submoon as well, though they don’t know enough about the object to be sure.

The term "moonmoon" has been put forth as a potential name. Other suggestions include mini-moon, second-order moon, and nested moons. Atlas staffers’ contributions: Meta-moon? Moon squared? Moony McMoonface? Tell us what you think it should be called.

— Atlas Obscura (@atlasobscura) October 10, 2018

However, even if it is theoretically possible for a submoon (or moonmoon!) to survive the competing forces from a moon and a planet then the likelihood of one forming in a moon-planet environment with the correct configuration is rather low.

At the end of the paper, Raymond and Kollmeier call for further studies investigating the conditions which could lead to submoon creation and persistence and those trying to locate some real-world examples.

If you ask me, they are "Submoons" (hence the title of our article!!!) But the internet has brought forth a wide variety of names and associated joy and for this, I'm delighted: Moonlet, Moonmoon, Moonito, Moonette, Moonlet, Grandmoon, Metamoon...#letsasklevi

— Juna A. Kollmeier (@thejunaverse) October 10, 2018

In the meantime, the Internet has erupted into a frenzy over the possibility of submoons. Thanks to a declaration by New Scientist, everybody is gleefully calling them "moonmoons," a name which has been considered in the astronomy community before.

Kollmeier told Quartz said that she and her co-author would be happy to stick with submoons, although they also approve of moonmoons, moonettes, moooons, and moonitos.

“IAU [the International Astronomical Union] will have to decide!” she said. She obviously has a sense of humor, but us poor laypeople need to know whether "moonettes" is a serious contender or just a joke. Because that would be great on a T-shirt./p>

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Population Growth Has To Slow Down If We Want To Save The Planet, Says David Attenborough

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Before his upcoming five-part nature series Dynasties, David Attenborough sat down to talk to BBC Newsnight. During the interview, the 92-year-old broadcasting veteran talked about our planet's future of our planet, touching the topics of population growth, plastic pollution, vegetarianism, and the Paris Agreement.

David Attenborough's previous project, Blue Planet II, helped to kickstart a global debate on humans' destructive addiction to plastic and the effect it's having on the world's oceans. Discussing single-use plastic bags in the wake of taxes and bans in some countries, Attenborough told Newsnight's Evan Davis:

"We should do our best to avoid the use of plastic" but added, "one mustn't maximize the effect of not using a plastic bag."

He added:

"I think it's quite important in a democracy that people actually have something to do to express their concern and maybe plastic bags aren't the most important element in the whole plastic problem, but it is something that people can do."

On vegetarianism, Attenborough admitted he isn't a big carnivore but says there's no moral reason, biologically speaking, to steer clear of meat as we evolved to be omnivores. However, that we have reached a stage in our social evolution "in which that's no longer practical because we simply can't destroy the natural forests and plains of the world to feed ourselves" He added: "We can't afford to do that so, therefore, we have to modify our diet."

It isn't our diet in need of a rethink. Attenborough says that we need to slow down the rate of population growth soon.

"In the long run, population growth has to come to an end," he said noting that much of it comes down to people, like himself, living for longer. While there's a strong case to make in saying that population growth will stabilize on its own accord, he believes that when (and if) it does, the world's population will already be too high for the planet to be sustainable.

Concerning the United States leaving the Paris Agreement, Attenborough told Davis he is reassured by the changes in attitude around the globe to our planet, sparked by the historic agreement, and the US leaving it will not stop this.

"There's a groundswell internationally of recognizing what we are doing to the planet and the disaster that awaits unless we do something."

Video source: BBC Newsnight/Youtube

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These 10 Beautiful Pictures Of Baby Elephants Are The Cutest Thing We Saw Today

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Elephants are generally known for their big size and an incredibly friendly nature that isn't only joyful but also expresses feelings like those of human beings. They can express their grief, anger, love, compassion and every other sense in particular ways.

Despite their voluptuous bodies, elephants are adorable to look at. They're pretty intelligent and even have a quick sense of perception. They're known for their loyalty and team spirit that helps them cooperate with each other. Talking about elephants, one can't forget baby elephants or calves that are the cutest and prettiest of all.

Take a look at some adorable pictures below:

1) A baby elephant taking a bath along with its mother in the water.


2) Two babies walking together by tangling their trunks.

3) A calf playing with little ducklings, his new friends

4) A baby who has tumbled down the trunk of a tree.

5) An elated calf, playing in the waters.


6) It looks as if the baby is playing hide and seek.

7) A baby elephant playing with a girl and almost trying to sit on his lap.

8) A baby elephant trying to drink water through its trunk from a raised water holder.


9) A little calf trying to get up on the back of another baby elephant.


10) A baby following its mother who has crossed the road already.
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Over 4.000 Swedes Have Received Microchip Implants And Are Using Them To Access Literally Everything

1 day 23 hours ago

Only two decades ago, the concept of inserting microchips into the general populace was considered to be a far-off, futuristic idea. However, today, it’s a reality. In Sweden, over 4,000 residents have received microchip implants which contain details about their identities. For more than a year, participants have been using this miniature technology to bypass the need for cash, movie and concert tickets, and even access into their houses and offices.

According to the Daily Mail, the market leader behind the controversial scheme is BioHax International. The company was founded by Jowan Osterlund, a former professional body piercer, five years ago.

The most widespread purpose of the microtechnology has been to have access to the SJ Rail. According to the train operator, about 100 people were using microchips to pay for their journey in June of 2017. More than a year later, that number has likely increased.

To use the embedded technology, commuters need to hold their hand steady while the train conductor reads the chip with a smartphone. With their device, they can confirm the passenger paid for the journey. The commuter is then invited to board.

Of course, the process has not been an entirely smooth one. And, there are risks involved. Some have argued that microchip IDs increase the risk of “body-hackers” gaining access to private data. In the past, glitches with the social media platform LinkedIn also occurred.

When the SJ Rail started accepting microchip ID information, it would not be unusual for rail staff to be shown a passenger’s Linkedin profile instead of their ticket information.

The use of microchip technology is rising. The trend is undoubtedly controversial. Being embedded with a microchip means one is always “on the grid.” As a result, people are essentially trading freedom for security. As of now, this trade is voluntary.

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Stunning Pictures By NASA Depict A Rectangular Iceberg In Antarctica From Different Angles

2 days 19 hours ago

NASA photographed this iceberg in Antarctica as part of Operation IceBridge.

Sitting amid a chaotic jumble of floating ice, it looks rectangular.

Tabular icebergs, by contrast, look more like this rectangular 'berg. They are large slabs of ice with nearly vertical sides and a flat top, and they usually form by calving off ice shelves.

According to University of Maryland Earth scientist Kelly Brunt, you could think of it a little bit like a fingernail growing too long and cracking off at the end - results in perfect, straight, geometric lines.

These tabular icebergs can be enormous hundreds or even thousands of square kilometers, like the 11,000 square kilometers (4,200 square miles) B-15, the biggest iceberg ever recorded.

NASA/Jeremy Harbeck


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9 Pictures of Student Lunches Around The World

2 days 19 hours ago

Concern regarding school lunches for students in the US has been a common issue in the past few years. Parents are worried about healthy nutrition for children and want to make their school lunches tasty as well.

A centrally assisted program to serve school children called the National School Lunch Program (NPL), has been recently initiated to provide either free or low-cost lunches to kids in non-profit private and public schools and also in residential child care institutes. It’s an initiative that is presently serving more than 31 million children, i.e., around 92 percent of the schools in the United States.

Most parents expressed their apprehension about the food provided to the children, both regarding the health and appeal. Sweetgreen is a string of salad cafeterias that addressed this matter and decided to educate the students about fitness, healthy diet, and sustainability.

They, therefore, organized a program, which had a series of photographs of the kind of lunch consumed by kids across the world. It turns out that these schools were acing their culinary skills by providing children with the best of each type of food.

Scroll down below to see what kinds of school lunches are kids consume in 9 different parts of the world?

1. France

Look at the plate filled with healthy and tasty choices: green beans, fresh fruit, carrots, steak, and cheese.

2. Italy

Here are some tasty pasta and tomato sauce on the side. Also, some local color with fish placed on arugula, some Caprese salad, grapes, and baguette.

3. Brazil

Delicious baked plantains to go with bread and pork missed with vegetables. Also, there is rice to go with black beans.

4. Finland

Who does not like to start an heir meal with some soup? There are also some beet salad and carrot to add to this healthy diet, as well as a slice of bread and a dessert pancake (pannakkau), garnished with juicy, fresh berries on it to make the meal attractive.

5. South Korea

Tasty fish soup! Fresh vegetables on the side, tofu placed over rice, and kimchi. Now doesn’t it appear mouthwatering?

6. Ukraine

Do you see that dessert pancake, syrniki? Well, before the kids jump on that, they will have to finish having borscht (beet soup), mashed potatoes with sausages and some cabbage.

7. Greece

Here is some mix of healthy and tasty food. You can see some fruits such as fresh oranges, cucumber salad, and grape leaves with stuffing, along with baked chicken nicely placed on orzo. Finally, Greek yogurt garnished with seeds of a pomegranate, to end the meal with.

8. Spain

To begin with, we've got gazpacho (cold soup) to go with bread, fresh peppers, a slice of orange and some veggies. There's also some shrimp placed on brown rice to complete the meal.

9. USA

And now, there is a mix of a nutritious and delicious meal: a big cookie, chocolate chip flavor, mashed potatoes, a cup of fresh fruits, and peas to start the meal with. However, the primary delicacy for the children is popcorn chicken (fried).

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Beautiful Illustrations Depict Common Everyday Moments We All Can Relate To

2 days 19 hours ago

Valérie Minelli is a talented artist from Luxembourg. She likes to draw comics that depict the everyday life of common women with common problems.

Looking at her illustrations, one can realize that they're very easy to relate to, especially if you are a not so girly girl who is not afraid of spiders, loves wearing old sweatpants and is too clumsy sometimes!

Take a look for yourself below:

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18 Heart-Warming Pictures That Made Us Smile And Cry

2 days 19 hours ago

Not everything is as terrible as we think. We often need to see how beautiful the world is. We aren't saying that the issues we face every day are not necessary, but sometimes we need. All we need to remind ourselves is that life can sometimes be hard and we need to be ready for it and accept it.

The photos on the list below will surely put a smile on your face and will melt the coldest of hearts. They'll inspire you to see more good in the world and do more good.

This man on the wheelchair couldn't get inside the barber shop so the barber came out with his tools to give him a haircut

© Joe Cocozza / Facebook

A statue of this dog was made who saved 2 kids for a pitbull and died due to injuries

© Jepalaudsadsin / Imgur © Wikipedia

Children with cancer designed shoes for soccer players. The players will wear them for their next game

© New York Red Bulls / Facebook © Tackle Kids Cancer / Facebook

This woman stopped traffic in Petrópolis, Brazil to help a family of capybaras cross the street

© jensmcatanho / Reddit

A notice on a shop in Ireland

© oragul / Pikabu

Dog donating blood to save other dogs lives

© spechfh2 / Reddit

Husband helping her pregnant wife with her pedicure

© Inga Bugaeva

This little girl can’t talk or walk as she has cerebral palsy. However, when she saw her 1-year-old brother fall into a pool, she screamed. People heard the scream and she was awarded

© Office of the Mayor ‏ / Twitter

This fence cut around a tree


This boy got a new pair of sneakers by two policemen who were patrolling a neighborhood and saw him with a cut on his leg

© Tukwila Police Department / Facebook

This boy has a rare disease and the dog lost his paw. Both were scared of people but since they met they don't leave each other alone

© Haatchi / Facebook

A professor was telling a guy how kids in her school came hungry and with no books. Passengers heard it and collected money to donate

© Kimber Bermudez / Facebook

Tony Alsum got a school bus and redesigned it. Now, he goes to places after natural disasters and saves abandoned animals

© Tony Alsup / Facebook © Tony Alsup / Facebook

“My grandparents have almost made it to 79 years of marriage.”

© bamahr / Reddit

Teachers came to school during holidays to decorate the walls of the washroom with motivational quotes

© Warren Middle School Forney ISD / Facebook

Jacinda Ardern became the first world leader to bring her young infant with her to the UN General Assembly and made a history. Her infant has also been issued a special security pass

© Muhammad Lila / Twitter

“10 years ago today, my husband attempted a romantic lift on the beach and we crashed into the ocean. After that, we left our private ceremony spot in Kauai and ate fast food in soaking formal wear. Best wedding ever!”

© Miiiiinx / Reddit

“The first time I visited my girlfriend (now wife) in college I bought a peach tree from a local nursery and told her, ‘someday we will eat peaches from it years from now because we will still be together.’ Well, it worked better than I planned. Here is our son eating a peach from that very tree.”

© rhysoneill / Reddit

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20 Pictures Of People With Extraordinary Features That Made Us Reconsider The Definition Of Beauty

2 days 19 hours ago

One of the most bewildering questions for people, the self-focused animals that we are is how others people think about us. Would you rather be attractive or beautiful? While you are still contemplating that, you'd appreciate knowing that most average people strive to meet regular beauty standards but often forget that there is no scale to measuring true beauty. Real beauty happens in its form, and these people are a great example.

While an average looking person could be anxious about not being sure whether people will like his/her looks or not, these individuals know they are gorgeous in their ways and are damn proud of it.

Preview photo: hairstylesgents | katyamiro

Those eye colors are definitely beautiful


True beauty is unique to everybody


We thought she was a doll


If only Merida was real


Yes, they're from the same world


Genetics doing its thing


Even vitilligo can be drop dead gorgeous

sem kobelyan

Yes, he is definitely an earthling


When you share genes with half the world


We definitely see beauty


These eyes could see through you


An Albino among the Eastern porpulation, very rare beauty


As if he is two in one


Big-beautiful eyes, very rare


Definitely the most beautiful freckles


This shape of eyes, worth dying for


Lost in time perhaps?


True beauty is boundless


The most attractive wildling


Beauty can never be too much


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Doctor Spends His Life Searching For The World's Leading Cause Of Preventable Blindness

3 days 21 hours ago

You’d be hard-pressed to locate anybody in the world who is more dedicated to eliminating trachoma than Dr. Wondu Alemayehu. This researcher, based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, has spent his whole life studying the disease, which is the leading cause of infectious blindness.

Trachoma is a neglected tropical disease (NTD). It begins as a bacterial infection, and if it's not treated quickly enough, it might line the inside of someone's eyelid with rough scars and force the eyelashes to turn inward.

Michael Amendolia

Alemayehu's work started in 1986 when he used to be a senior resident in the ophthalmology department at Addis Ababa University. A brain specialist asked him to study a group which seemed to be plagued by blindness.

Trachoma doesn't only cause blindness. As Alemayehu explained, humans blink over 19,000 times a day in a 24-hour period. When eyelashes turn inward due to a trachoma infection, they scratch the eyeball and cause pain every time the person blinks.

Aware of all the suffering caused by trachoma is totally avoidable has made global elimination of this NTD Alemayehu's lifelong vision.

However, it is the fact that trachoma is a mother-and-child issue which has kept him moving forward.

While surgery is necessary to correct the distorted eyelid and prevent blindness, it's far from the only treatment. Antibiotic distribution has reached approximately 60 million doses in the past years.

Alemayehu has experienced this progress firsthand.

In 2001, the International Trachoma Initiative approached the researcher. The US-based non-profit organization works to eliminate trachoma and had access to an effective antibiotic which adults could take in tablet form, and children as an eye ointment serum.

Michael Amendolia

This was an excellent first step, but because the ointment had to be applied twice a day for six weeks, it wasn't always appropriately taken.

Alemayehu then worked for several years to implement antibiotic programs in many districts of Ethiopia. The program he directed covered three regions in 2002. It covers almost all of the country today.

Six years ago, a consultant from the Fred Hollows Foundation, a nonprofit which aims to treat and prevent blindness and vision problems globally, asked Alemayehu to conduct a situational analysis of eye health in Ethiopia and recommend programs to be implemented. After exploring the situation, they decided to focus on the total elimination of trachoma.

The Fred Hollows Foundation started working in Ethiopia, focusing first on only one zone in the country. It's since expanded to cover 18 of the 20 rural zones of Ethiopia and has completed over 100,000 surgeries to correct the blinding complications of trachoma.

The primary challenge is the size of the problem. Trachoma affects millions of people around the globe. Although SAFE (surgery, antibiotics, facial cleanliness, and environmental improvements) is the best strategy for preventing trachoma, it demands systemic change on a national, if not international, level.

Alemayehu leads a consultant company from his home office, where he researches and implements programs and trains, other people. On a nation-wide level, he works with National Trachoma Taskforce and the National Committee for the Prevention of Blindness, sharing his experiences worldwide while also learning from others.

While there's still much to be done, Alemayehu said he's seen change.

Alemayehu points to the government of Ethiopia prioritizing the control of trachoma and clearing the backlog of cataract surgeries as a positive. However, he also notes that the issue requires so much attention that more needs to be done.

Approaching 2020, the year the World Health Organization had wished to see the end of trachoma, Alemayehu is hopeful, even if that goal isn't met in time.

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7 Traits Only Deep Thinkers Have

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Do you think you are a deep thinker?

One that roams the world looking endlessly for wisdom by distilling knowledge, experience, nature, and understanding? Someone who would remain quiet rather than contribute unnecessarily to a conversation?

If this sounds familiar, you might have some good traits, as we explore here, that are characteristic of deep thinkers:

1. They are some of the most open-minded people you will ever meet.

Deep thinkers’ currency is their wisdom, so they rarely cast aside an idea or notion without considering its whole character first. From nuclear war and genocide to global climate patterns to the way rain feels when it falls upon someone’s face, deep thinkers are the likeliest to consider all of those things before writing any of them off in case they do.

2. Deep thinkers analyze all their experiences.

Call it a blessing or curse, but it's true: deep thinkers tend to wander off in the realm of their thoughts, easily dodging the gossip and trivialities that occupy most. They prefer to spend their time in deep analysis of things past, present and future, discovering all possible links to their present experiences. They can even become nostalgic as they dwell on the past, but they prefer to also prepare for the future.

3. They sometimes live in isolation.

Deep thinkers spend the majority of their time in their heads, neither desirous nor needy of the company of others. They tend to be introverted and often live alone. That's all because they tend to process information deeply, and they also need their time and space in which they can do that.

4. They're naturally empathic.

Just because they are introverted does not mean deep thinkers are cold and shut others out or down. Deep thinkers spend their time considering so much of what's going on. As such, they have a tendency to be of an empathic nature. They are incredibly emotional, active listeners and are patient, giving you their undivided attention.

5. They have different perspectives on the world around them.

Instead of being tied down to a specific ideology, religion or other opinions, deep thinkers see the world from various angles and can draw perspective from all of those angles, observing people and their interactions as well as using that to strengthen their understanding. Doing so leads to a kind of enlightenment; we are apt to call it wisdom.
Instead of being tied down to a specific ideology, religion or other opinions, deep thinkers see the world from various angles and can draw perspective from all of those angles, observing people and their interactions as well as using that to strengthen their understanding. Doing so leads to a kind of enlightenment; we are apt to call it wisdom.

6. They're often forgetful.

This might seem odd, as you’d think anyone who spends so much time in their head could at least remember to buy some milk and toilet paper. But in reality, deep thinkers tend to be so focused on their ruminations that they do become quite forgetful of easy or everyday tasks and chores.

7. They are always eager to learn.

Learning something new increases the deep thinker’s understanding of the world at the level of that subject or item or motor or interaction. Deep thinkers are keen learners; otherwise, where would they get their keen interests to pore over and ruminate upon?

You can trust a deep thinker to listen to you with their mind wide open.

Reference: I Heart Intelligence

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Rescuers Discovered An Abandoned Dog Nursing A Little Kitten In Ravine

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Dogs and cats do not always get along, but now and then, they pull together to survive in situations that aren't the best. In South Carolina, a rescue found an abandoned dog, and she even had a surprise with her.

YouTube Screenshot

The sweet dog had adopted an abandoned little kitten. She was found nursing her to keep her alive.

This all began when Officer Michelle Smith from Anderson Animal Control received a call about a dog barking in a neighborhood. It did not seem like anything strange, as she gets dozens of calls like that every day. Still, she needed to go check it out.

YouTube Screenshot

When the officer arrived, she found the dog in a deep ravine next to a creek. She also noticed a kitten. Neither of the animals had collars or tags, so it didn’t seem that they belonged to anybody nearby. They both seemed abandoned and happened to discover each other.

Smith said:

“I think it would’ve been OK for the dog to walk down the hill. I got down there, so it should be pretty easy for the dog, but I’m thinking it just couldn’t get back up with the kitten, and I don’t think it was willing to leave the kitten.”

YouTube Screenshot

The reason the dog went down the hill was probably that she saw the kitten and wanted to save her.

Some animals have extraordinarily powerful motherly instincts. Even when they spot baby of a different species in need, these instincts kick in, and they care for them the best they can.

Smith brought the animals back to the rescue. She even attempted to separate them so that that they could be bathed and vetted. However, the dog would not leave the kitten’s side. She wanted to bathe her and nurse her instead. It was clear that the dog had adopted the kitten.

Smith said that in 17 years working with animals, she does not usually see different types of animals becoming friends like that. She also said she had never witnessed a dog nursing a kitten.

YouTube Screenshot

It was a truly heartwarming thing to see.

The volunteers on site at the rescue decided that it seemed best to leave the two animals together. They also realized that the dog had been keeping the kitten alive by feeding her. The unexpected thing is that even though the dog was lactating, she had never had puppies of her own. She was, therefore, experiencing a pseudopregnancy. Although she wasn’t pregnant, her body was tricked into believing it was, and that's how she could produce milk to feed the baby kitten.

YouTube Screenshot

Still, it was not enough to keep the kitten healthy, so the rescuers had to bottle feed her, too.

They assumed the dog belonged to somebody and held both animals for 14 days to give the owners time to claim them. No one showed up looking for them, so the rescue put them up for adoption.

The shelter decided to name the dog Goldie as well as the kitten Kate after celebrity mother-daughter duo Goldie Hawn as well as Kate Hudson. They also made a post with the story of how they were discovered and the very special relationship they had together. The post went viral online and had 88,000 shares and 430,000 likes.

YouTube Screenshot

Everybody wanted to adopt the amazing animals. Even people from the complete other side of the world were calling and sending emails as they were interested in the idea of adopting the pets. The shelter wanted to make sure they stayed together and went to a loving home. The shelter chose the Harris couple to adopt them.

The animals are now in their forever home, where they play all day and snuggle all night. Kate is grown up now, but the two of them still have a close bond. They also never need to worry about being left abandoned again.

The rescue and the police were also looking for the person who might have abandoned the animals. They weren't sure if it was the same person or if multiple people were responsible for leaving these adorable animals behind.

References: Happiest, nomorcocktails, news.animalchannel

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Courageous Dog Saves A Baby Bird That Was Struggling To Stay Afloat And Becomes The Hero Of The Day

4 days 20 hours ago

Dogs are amazing creatures. Not only can they understand emotions and communicate with humans they are also compassionate animals that will always care when someone is in danger.

The following video proves this idea. This hero dog spotted a baby bird struggling to stay afloat in a lake. Against all the odds, the brave, kindhearted dog jumped into the water and rescued the little guy by carefully grabbing it. Take a look for yourself:

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How To Understand Whether Someone Loves You Unconditionally

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Love can make you feel all kinds of emotions. It is exciting, scary, extraordinary, adventurous, challenging, terrifying and ecstatically beautiful all at once. You find someone you like, and you decide to give it ago; let's face it, life's fruits are better shared, either with a lover, friend or sibling.

Now when it comes to a lover, you sometimes end up in one-sided relationships, while other times you end up in dead-end relationships. However, there are the other times when you find the one person who has it all right down to the way they respect their personal space and time.

It'll hit you like a lightning bolt, and it'll stun you. Suddenly you find the answers to all life's weird questions, and finally, home is no longer an inanimate object, but a person.

This person will light a fire so deep within your soul that the stars will look brighter. From the moment your eyes meet there will be a knowing of a deeper kind, one that can be recognized through time.

This person will love you unconditionally and show you the world.

They'll make you feel safe, and their love will comfort you.

It is the kind of love that makes you experience vulnerability and embrace it. The type of love that listens to your heart's deepest secrets and holds them tight.

Their love will paint amazing pictures with words you have never heard before.

This love will never get tired of making you feel you're theirs and they're yours. It'll make you question every other mundane relationship. Then, when you least expect it, they'll tell you to embrace and honor these relationships because now you've found one another and can love again because the most powerful, compelling force in nature is love.

Not only will their love make you experience pure ecstasy, but it will also give you genuine freedom because they honor their own.

This love will encourage you to live a life outside of the one you are co-creating with them, and it urges you to spend time with family and friends because it understands the importance of presence in all relationships, including that of self-love.

Make no mistake, however, this person and their kind of love are going to teach you some hard lessons too, and it will show you how to look into their mirror eyes and love your true self with all its flaws and how to set healthy boundaries.

This person's kind of love is the love will push you to be the best you could be and the love that teaches you the way to eternal bliss through self-love.

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You Can Now Visit 59 Countries In 245 Days With The World's Longest Cruise

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The Viking Ultimate World cruise has recently been announced as the most-extended continuous world cruise that has ever existed.

The cruise is a 245-day journey which spans the world offering passengers the greatest world travel experience.

Covering six continents, the cruise ship passes through 59 different countries and stops at 113 different ports.

Passengers climb aboard in London to enjoy the most comfortable and hassle-free way to travel around the globe.

Those who embark on this epic adventure will leave the capital of the United Kingdom on 31 August 2019 and will return there eight months later.

Built in 2017, the ship will be able to cater for 930 passengers in total. It's the newest addition to the fleet according to Forbes.

Passengers have the option to join the ship along the way, despite the eight-month duration.

Guests can also choose between the Viking World Wonders or Viking World Treasures tour.

The Viking World Treasures tour is compiling of a 127-day sailing trip from the UK capital to LA.

Guests will also enjoy a complimentary shore excursion in each of the ports and unlimited free wifi.

Business Class airfare as well as all gratuities/service fees, along with a big list of added-value features are coming soon according to PR Newsroom.

Pricing for Viking Ultimate World Cruise begins at £68,700 ($92,990) per person.

If splitting the trip, the Viking World Treasures begins at £35,400 ($47,995) per person, and pricing for Viking World Wonders starts at £34,000 ($45,995) per person.

Photo source: Scenic

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