Pax Natura Declaration

"The Pax Natura Declaration

We, the people of the Earth, affirm the Universe is governed with precision and perfection by a system of natural laws set in motion to maintain order and sustain all living and non-living systems. Over the long corridors of time, these laws have brought forth an astonishing diversity of life reflecting Nature’s beauty, creativity, and orderliness.

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Free Sustainability Funding Programs to Purchase New Sustainable Homes in Pay It Forward Communities

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"About Citizen Works

People-powered democracy, not corporate rule, will create a sustainable and just society.

Mission Statement

Earthmasters: The Dawn of the Age of Climate Engineering

"This book goes to the heart of the unfolding reality of the twenty-first century: international efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have all failed, and before the end of the century Earth is projected to be warmer than it has been for 15 million years. The question “can the crisis be avoided?” has been superseded by a more frightening one, “what can be done to prevent the devastation of the living world?” And the disturbing answer, now under wide discussion both within and outside the scientific community, is to seize control of the very climate of the Earth itself.