"When movements, groups, or organizations become dependent on donations or revenues from sales for their survival, they are not going to cooperate, but they will compete. Cash is the toxic element in the polluted environment of our institutions. Once we agree on that, we must all be able to show that we are not letting cash pollute our charters and our commitment to the missions we pursue. Organizations committed to change need to prove to their members, that they are able to cooperate, and have the courage to shut down their operations if they can't deliver"


If you want your members and followers agree to cooperate and support you, it's time that you prove that your organization agrees with all others on something. CORRUPTION AND GREED ARE THREATENING OUR SURVIVAL. WE ALL NEED TO BREAK THE TIES BETWEEN PRIVATE INTERESTS AND GOVERNMENTS, WORLDWIDE. ALL NATIONS HAVE TO SUPPORT EACH OTHER IN THE STRUGGLE TO SAVE DEMOCRACY.

By now we all know it, democracy is just about toast, and nations uprising like Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Tunisia, and USA developments in Wisconsin, Ohio, Vermont clearly indicate that we're united by the simple fact that INSTITUTIONALIZED CORRUPTION is making life impossible and questioning our destiny as civilization. So whether you belong to the Uncut Movement, the Zeitgeist, Wikileaks, Progressives United, Anonymous, or whatever other organizations, are you truly able to COOPERATE, or do you think that your movement will suddenly turn the tides? How about non profit organizations? The sacred cows of US progressive actions, who can't possibly be criticized because they mean it well, took so much time to establish, and hence need unwavering support and injection of cash?

Can they bother to be asked if there is anything they are doing that creates SYNERGY with other groups or organizations? Do they actually ever lay out a plan of action and are publicly accountable to their donors for reaching their goals or for not reaching them? The message and missions are all washed down, and, in all honesty, people who are truly committed to change, are starting to wonder: CAN NON PROFITS AND MOVEMENTS AGREE ON ANYTHING?

We, the Repeace movement/idea and community of 1460+ people has a simple proposition to make to all the big shots of progress, established non profits organizations to which we have donated thousands of dollars, from Amnesty International, PETA, CHANGE.org, Transparency International, AVAASZ, GREENPEACE, Human RIghts Campaign, etc. etc. We REPEACE, are committed human beings. We have sacrificed our time without financial support for 3 years.

We proudly say openly to all progressive activists, we're committed to our mission, and if we're accountable to our followers. We believe that the lifestyle of "demanding accountability" is the core, underlying principle that ties us all together. Demanding accountability was the core action of the original peace movement of the 60s-70s but it couldn't become more powerful because it left "peace making" in the hands of the UN or the US Government. We re-framed

Peace for more power, and to give it some substantial action, that allows humans to re-claim peace-making. Peace is a process, an attitude that can keep institutions accountable to each other. Government, Businesses, and People. Now the global uprising of human kind, that noticeable energy that is giving us all hope, independent from politics, stands for the desire of human beings, across the nations, to kick out the greedy corporate thugs and the lying, two faced politicians out of their democracy.

The Plan.

Repeace has a simple goal, unite millions of people, not just insides the USA, behind three pledges. The pledges are the only way peace can be advocated as, and allow for people to own the action. We all want businesses to GET OUT of our democracy, and we want to tell our leaders that taking cash from interests groups is NOT ACCEPTABLE, period!

We don't need to get out in the streets to agree to that, we will count the demand online this Summer. That demand, those numbers, will be the irrefutable proof, that governments and corporations are not listening to what people want, because it's convenient to play stupid. From WIKILEAKS, UNCUT, WEareONE, MOVEtoAMEND, PRogressives United, and all other organizations, we ask you to agree that greed and corruption are threatening our survival and that we need to display that common tie that we have. If you agree to the self empowering pledges of the Repeace movement, share this on your organizations site:

  1. I want to reward businesses that focus on local, sustainable product and services, not on buying influence.
  2. I want to reward politicians who are accountable to ME, not to corporations.
  3. I want to support the countries that promote and defend freedom of expression.

(We're happy to share your movement or organization on our page).



Are Social Groups and Non Profit Able to Agree on Anything?